spring clean up your life, vol 24

My new year now starts in Spring. It’s the best time. Listen to me, OK? Winter was a bummer, but Spring gives me Marie Kondo level joy. (Are we still talking about that show???). I’ve been thinking a lot about the ebbs and flows of my life based on the time of year. I notice routines I’ve put into place as the seasons change that do wonders for my mental health. Spring brings that special something that makes me excited to dig deep. To deep clean my spaces, reorganize, reflect, plan, celebrate, and get the fuck outside.

Here’s what I did this Spring to help me get my shit together!

Deep Cleaning
Your oven is gross and you gotta wash that shower curtain every once in a while. Also, it’s time to take a magic eraser to that six month old curry stain on your white cabinets. Did you know you should own MULTIPLE pairs of sheets? I didn’t even wash the SINGLE pair I had! I think Jennifer Lawrence showed us all that cleaning never has to be boring again.


Fix or Replace
Everything has a lifespan. I REFUSED to get rid of my quilt I’ve had for ten years. I replaced it, but I’m also having my friend mend it. Writing is a scared tradition, and I’ve been doing it from a shitty wooden chair for the last two years. It’s broken and uncomfortable, but it was free. Guess who is writing from the comfort of a cushy ass chair now? We deserve nice things.

Maintenance Plan
I work in maintenance so I get super nerdy about this. Have you ever thought about how everything you own needs to be MAINTAINED? Take stock of your favorite possessions. How do you care for them? Oil your wooden tools and furniture! Put air in your car tires! Take your typewriter in for a tuneup! Make a plan for caring for things. It’s the responsible adult thing to do.

This is not an understatement – I am aware of every single item that I own. If I own something, it has a specific purpose. “Things” and clutter stress me the fuck out. I try and live as minimal as possible, and simplify whenever I can. What haven’t you used all year? What do you have stored away? Goodwill is your friend.


Make Your Space
I am a firm believer in creating spaces you want to cozy up in. I usually take this time to add a few new decorations or tchotchkes. Something as simple as fresh flowers or a candle. I always take it five steps further and move furniture around or take on a new organizing project. This is the time to get excited over small plastic bins that fit your rice spoon like a dream. WE ONLY HAVE THIS ONE LIFE.

I let my hair get darker in the Fall and Winter so that when Spring rolls around I can get my hair lightened and be PHYSICALLY lighter. I’m a genius, I know. Other than that, I dunno. When is the last time you had a massage? WAIT, or saw your dentist? Sorry, dentist is first! Schedule that shit!

Creative Dates
What are some lingering projects on your dreams list? I had to step away from the Pinterest-ing so that I could start actually DOING. I find I am the most inspired in Spring to catch up on my creative projects. Things like planning my cooking club, writing my pen pals, and developing photos. Or even starting new projects! I call these dates because I do my damnedest to schedule them as so.


What do you do to refresh in Spring?


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